Next generation of storage platforms – disk and flash

Stacking HDDs to create a mega repository for data storage is a tried and tested solution. Now scalable storage platforms based on flash have arrived.


HDD capacities are soaring. HGST and Seagate both have 12TB HDDs on the market with 16TB on the way. When it comes to flash, vendors are introducing new product lines, taking advantage of 3D NAND. Intel, for example, has announced its new DC range: the S4500 and S4600.

Impressive as these are, creating a platform where many of these high capacity HDDs act in unison can create some truly remarkable storage volumes.

These platforms may market under the unpretentious JBOD (just a bunch of disks) label but that really doesn’t do justice to the impact these arrays have on the storage sector.

Now we have a sister acronym for the massive flash racks – ‘JBOF’.


HGST’s 4U60G2 is a high-density, scalable, high-capacity storage platform for datacentres that requires up to 60 integrated Ultrastar drive modules in a single platform. These can be configured with up to 12 x 800GB SSDs to create separate performance tiers within the platform. It is available in capacities up to 720TB.


According to Gartner, JBOF products will develop in a similar pattern to JBODs, ‘appealing to new workloads that require dense, direct-attached, fast storage that uses server software to provide storage features and services’.

HGST’s all-flash platform for software-defined storage (SDS), the 2U24, balances performance with capacity and delivers high IOPS, low latency at up to 184TB capacity. By decoupling available storage from CPU resources, the 2U24 offers performance advantages and flexibility to improve compute-to-capacity ratio. Depending on the type of SSDs and the number of drives installed, the 2U24 platform can be configured to deliver the performance you need.

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Source: Hammer
Published Date: 14/07/2017

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