OSNEXUS and Hammer Launch EMEA-Wide Partnership

And Offer Exclusive Combined Dell EMC OEM Software-Defined Storage Solution


Basingstoke, UK: 15th June 2017 – OSNEXUS, the leading developer of software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, and Hammer, a leading value-add server, storage products and networking distributor, have announced an EMEA-wide partnership.

Moreover, Hammer has been given exclusive rights to offer OSNEXUS’s versatile QuantaStor SDS software as part of a bundled solution, customised with Dell EMC OEM hardware.

QuantaStor SDS allows IT administrators to set up and manage complex open source SAN/NAS and object storage technologies with only a few mouse clicks, for use cases including high-performance computing, big data, virtualisation and backup and archive. 

Hammer’s capabilities combined with Dell EMC OEM’s industry-leading support will enable EMEA customers to quickly deploy, secure and maintain an enterprise-grade OSNEXUS SDS solution on Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 servers.

“With QuantaStor SDS' high-performance platform and the Dell EMC OSNEXUS OEM appliance, companies and public sector organisations can procure turn-key SDS appliances to securely and cost-effectively manage large amounts of data across their global datacentres or on-premise sites,” said Steve Umbehocker, CEO of OSNEXUS.

Gerard Marlow, General Manager - OEM & Whitebox Storage at Hammer, said: “With the addition to Hammer’s portfolio of a key player in the form of OSNEXUS, and a unified SDS solution in the shape of QuantaStor software, Hammer is continuing to strengthening its SDS offering to customers.”

“By forming a collaboration with leading technologies, Hammer can offer a unique proposition to the market underpinned by our strong relationship with Dell EMC OEM, and we look forward to a successful future together.”

QuantaStor SDS is also available through Hammer as a software-only option which can comply with customers’ existing infrastructure.

“Hammer has been selected as OSNEXUS’s new distribution partner due to its hardware expertise and its proven market abilities in the software-defined storage space,” continued Umbehocker. “We are proud to announce Hammer as our hardware go-to-market distribution partner for EMEA.”

For more information regarding QuantaStor SDS and the exclusive Hammer appliance, please click here: 


Additional Information

Key Features of the Dell EMC OEM hardware bundle:

Grid Technology – QuantaStor grid technology redirects NFS/SMB connections dynamically, enabling storage grids to span global datacentres and allow hyperscale NAS to over 64PB per grid.

High Availability –  QuantaStor's SAN/NAS based High Availability (HA) failover is one of the fastest in the industry, made possible by QuantaStor’s highly-parallelised HA failover and IO fencing systems that ensure quick failover of ZFS-based storage pools.

Global Namespaces – QuantaStor Global Namespaces simplify NAS storage management and increase end-user productivity by combining shares into easy-to-access groups that are accessible across a storage grid of appliances.

Encryption and Security Policy Compliance – QuantaStor SDS complies with CJIS security policy standards ranging from end-to-end encryption to password policy enforcement to audit logging.

Advanced RBAC Security Model - QuantaStor utilises role-based-access-controls (RBAC) grouping authorisation of actions/operations into roles that are separate from resource groups enabling multi-tenancy and scoping of permissions to just the user's objects, or to all objects in the user's associated resource group(s), or to an entire grid of appliances.


Source: Hammer
Published Date: 17/07/2017

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